Now The Citizens of Europe!

Now The Citizens of Europe!

Europe is severely challenged by complex issues: Brexit, migration, climate change, and many others. Few would say the EU today is fine as it is, and the calls for change are many.

It is increasingly clear: the European Union can only survive if it has broad support among its citizens. Only then can it reach its promise of peace, prosperity and freedom for all. Citizens should be actively involved throughout the full cycle of democratic decision-making, from the beginning to the end.

The 2019 European elections are a crucial moment for setting the course of the European Union for the next 5 years. We want the new European Parliament to be the Parliament of Change!

Let’s inspire ourselves by the rich cultural traditions of Europe - the global birthplace of democracy -  and embrace a positive and inclusive way forward. 

To European election candidates:

Sign our pledge for a democratic Europe and take the lead in the democratic reform of the European Union: 

  • organize randomly-selected citizens’ assemblies at the national and/or EU-level to develop concrete recommendations on the democratic future of Europe; 
  • follow up promptly and adequately on citizens’ recommendations with legislative proposals for democratic reform including, if deemed necessary, a proposal for Treaty change involving a new Convention; 
  • give the people a final say on the outcome of a possible Convention in order to ensure broad support among the population.


To civil society organisations: 

Sign our open letter calling on the European candidates to join our campaign!

To everyone: 

Sign our petition demanding democratic reforms and giving citizens the first and last say on the future of Europe!

Main campaign offices:

Democracy International
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Phone: +49 (0) 221 669 66 50

Meer Democratie (Netherlands)
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1114 AD Amsterdam-Duivendrecht - Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)20 638 0558

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