Which elected MEPs have signed our pledge?

In the run-up to the May 2019 European elections, 338 candidates from almost all EU member states signed our pledge (find them all here). Of those, 33 have been elected (ordered by country):

First name Last name Country Party European group
Philippe Lamberts Belgium Ecolo Greens/EFA
Saskia Bricmont Belgium Ecolo Greens/EFA
Petra de Sutter Belgium Groen Greens/EFA
Kathleen van Brempt Belgium Socialistische Partij. Anders S&D
Nikolaj Villumsen Denmark Enhedslisten GUE/NGL
Margrete Auken Denmark Socialistisk Folkeparti Greens/EFA
Heidi Hautala Finland Vihreä liitto De Gröna Greens/EFA
Sylvie Guillaume France Envie d’Europe S&D
Pierre Larrouturou France Envie d’Europe S&D
Manon Aubry France La France Insoumise GUE/NGL
Anne-Sophie Pelletier France La France Insoumise GUE/NGL
Emmanuel Maurel France La France Insoumise GUE/NGL
Katrin Langensiepen Germany Bündnis 90/Die Grünen Greens/EFA
Daniel Freund Germany Bündnis 90/Die Grünen Greens/EFA
Cornelia Ernst Germany Die Linke GUE/NGL
Helmut Scholtz Germany Die Linke GUE/NGL
Martina Michels Germany Die Linke GUE/NGL
Patrick Breyer Germany Die Piraten Greens/EFA
Klaus Buchner Germany  Ökologisch-Demokratische Partei Greens/EFA
Dimitris Papadimoulis Greece SYRIZA  GUE/NGL
Stelios Kouloglou Greece SYRIZA  GUE/NGL
Grace O'Sullivan Ireland Green Party Ireland Greens/EFA
Ciarán Cuffe Ireland Green Party Ireland Greens/EFA
Eleonora Evi Italy Movimento 5 Stelle Non-Attached
Brando Benifei Italy Partito Democratico S&D
Petras Auštrevičius  Lithuania Lietuvos Respublikos liberalų sąjūdis Renew Europe
Tilly Metz Luxembourg Déi Gréng - Les Greens/EFA
Paul Tang Netherlands Partij van de Arbeid S&D
Kati Piri Netherlands Partij van de Arbeid S&D
José Gusmão Portugal Bloco de Esquerda GUE/NGL
Ernest Urtasun Spain Unidas Podemos Greens/EFA
Gina Dowding United Kingdom Green Party Greens/EFA
Julie Ward United Kingdom Labour Party S&D



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